Death: Guided Tips on How to Cope Effectively.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~Kenji Miyazawa

  • Talk out your feelings and emotions. Express yourself: I’m mad! I’m angry! I’m hurt! I’m confused, I’m…whatever you may be feeling at the moment. Talk with a parent, friend, a teacher, a sibling, a neighbor, cousin, or anyone that you feel comfortable with. If you cannot think of anyone, seek a counselor/psychologist in your local area, school, etc.… They are confidential and will help guide you through your troubled time.
  • Make sure to express yourself freely with your grief…cry when you need, it is completely healthy to let out a “good cry.”
  • Try and keep a normal sleep routine. Good rest allows you to have energy to keep you busy!
  • Keep up with your hobbies and remain sociable. Spending time with friends and loved ones is a healthy way to take your mind of thinking about it too much.
  • Accepting it will take time—just allow yourself to open up to accepting it.
  • If you feel yourself slipping into an unusual, unhealthy routine, make sure to tell someone about it and/or seek help.

~Believe in yourself and you can create what you want!

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4 Responses to Death: Guided Tips on How to Cope Effectively.

  1. Theresa Furphy says:

    Honey you are doing an awesome job here!!! I am worried about the neighbor and his abuse on the one child in particular!! My Mother lived next door to the sweetest couple you would ever want to meet. They had 4 or 5 children which of only 1 was ever allowed out or seen by the neighbors. My Momma asked Jackie the mother why Ebony never came out and she would always say she is such a temperamental child. Well long story short a year or more goes by and next thing you know lil Ebony is dead!! Momma found out all the details as she went to court for the full trial and these two awesome parents were abusing Ebony for years as they said she was tooo Black!! Not like the other children who were lighter skinned. The Mother was very black like the child so never understood that one. This child was hung in a closet under the stairs and beat daily and burned with an iron and cigarettes. She was not given any food and if one of the other children tried to help her and sneak some food Ebony would be beat for it. I know from first hand expieince that Social Services blows everyone off but I would say to please keep calling and ask for a supervisor and threaten them that if something happens to the little boy or any of the children you will go to the media!! Don’t know if it will work but thats what I would do. What A dirty shameful world we live in!!! I only wish there were more parents in the world like you are!!! Keep up the good work Kiddo!! xooxoxox

  2. Theresa,

    Thank you so much for your support and readership! …And thank you for sharing your story. It is sad what some children go through in their lifetime due to abuse and this is why I created a post based on it. I am trying to make it more aware especially since the Internet is huge for youngsters. I am hoping this reaches many and helps them. Also, thank you for your feedback about the situation! Even more so, thank you for your kind words…I sure hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog! 🙂

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