Stress: Guided Tips on How to Cope Effectively.

Stress is the trash of modern life—we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” ~Danzae Pace

  • Breathing exercises. Wherever you are or whatever you may be doing, stop for a couple minutes and take the time to take a deep inhale of breath in and release and exhale your breathe out. Focus completely on your breath to loose the tension you may be experiencing. This may calm you down for a bit and help you regain your composure.
  • Do Yoga. Take the time out of your day to practice yoga. Even if you cannot practice it everyday, do it when you can. Yoga has been known to improve people’s health in many ways. I personally can say that I practice yoga and see a bit of improvement with tension in my neck and shoulders, not to mention, calms me down if I am feeling stressed out.
  • Positive Attitude. Having a positive attitude also helps out tremendously. Knowing that you are stressed, your mind is probably focused on the bad of what is going on in your life. Try and refocus your thoughts to the brighter side of the situation; for there is always a positive side to every situation.
  • Take a walk. Sometimes taking walks helps you clear your mind. Focus on the environment around you and be thankful and grateful for your surroundings. This may put you more at ease.
  • Do exercises of your choice. Exercise can help release and reduce any negative feelings and stress you may be feeling and experiencing.
  • Your diet is also important. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet with eating healthy.
  • Talk out or write down your feelings and emotions. Never hold in what you are feeling, it can only add up and build up more tension. It is important to have a support system. Talk to a friend, a family member, a coworker, or whoever it may be that you feel comfortable talking with. If you do not feel comfortable talking with someone, look up a counselor or psychologist in your local area. They keep information confidential and will help you cope effectively with any life issues you may be experiencing. Also, writing down your feelings is a good way to relieve stress. Carry a little note book and pen with you and write down any tense feelings; it will help release some tension and help the stressed moment pass on by.
  • Get a professional massage. By getting massage it allows you to be more relaxed and put you in a calm state-of-mind. I know a massage always works for me.
  • Release stress by doing your favorite hobby. When I feel stressed; I like to paint, do arts and crafts, write, etc.… Find what you enjoy doing for fun and get to work. This allows you to take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you at the moment.
  • Release confrontation. If you are in need to confront a person with any negative feelings you may be experiencing, make sure you blow off steam before confronting them. While approaching them while in a bad mood; it can only worsen the situation. Try out some techniques listed above to cool yourself down so you can go in with a clear mind-set.

~Believe in yourself and you can create what you want.

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