SlutWalk: Philadelphia 2011.


Do not automatically assume I want to be sexually harassed in any form or manner due to my sexy sense of style; for I am me and deserve to be respected in every way!

A good friend of mine (Preeti’s Purpose) asked me if I’d like to do a walk with her called the SlutWalk on Saturday, August 6th located in Philadelphia to help raise awareness for the fact that people should be able to dress as they want, no matter how provocative it may be, and not be blamed for their appearance to be sexually harassed. I for one am a female who at times wear revealing clothes and it’s not to grab another’s attention to look at me and think that I am asking to be hit on or even looked at or grouped in any uncomfortable, sexual way. If anything, I at times dress “slutty” because it is what I like to wear and makes me feel comfortable and good about myself. I like to express myself through my clothing and what I wear but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want the attention to be viewed in a sexual manner. In my opinion, people should be able to dress as they wish, weather it be too revealing and sexy, since people should have self-control to keep their opinions, judgments, eyes and even their hands and bodies to themselves. No one deserves to be disrespected due to the way one dresses. If you feel the same way and want to help raise awareness and are in the Philadelphia area on August 6, 2011 @ Kahn Park which is located on 11th and Pine Street at 11am, come walk with us! I am honored to be doing this walk with my friend and to be there to help support all those who feel the same on this topic.


This picture was taken of me in the summer of 2010 when I was out having a fun night with my friends. I also felt uncomfortable this night due to the "elevator eyes" I was recieving because of the way I was dressed. I should not have to feel uncomfortable due to people's lack of self-control!

To learn more about the SlutWalk, here is another interesting article I have found: The “SlutWalk” coming to Philly. Also, please feel free to check out and “Like” SlutWalk’s Facebook page to find out more info.













~Believe in yourself and you can create what you want!

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4 Responses to SlutWalk: Philadelphia 2011.

  1. preetispurpose says:

    What an amazing article Dianne! Thanks for the shout out to Preeti’s Purpose and for spreading the word about this amazing event. Can’t wait to march alongside you at SlutWalk Philadelphia 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any time Preeti! And I am looking forward to walking alongside you on Saturday! 🙂

  3. Joe Vedub says:

    Of course guys (and some girls too) are going to give you “elevator eyes” when you dress like that. If that makes you uncomfortabe, you should dress less provocatively. All that being said, of course sex should be consensual. You’re not going to be able to control anyone else’s eyes or thoughts.

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