Linvilla Orchards- Media, PA 2011.


When kids play, they remember. They may not be aware they are learning, but they sure are aware they are having fun. When you have a good belly laugh with your siblings or parents or friends, that stays with you. And the great thing is that it comes so naturally….if we only let it.” –Rebecca Krook

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be introduced to such a beautiful place called  located in Media, PA. Not only is it beautiful during the Autumn season, this amazing place has many fun-filled activities for all ages of the family to do.  This past weekend I was able to partake my third year with my awesome family. We intended to make this place a family tradition each year since we have been going since my son was an infant and of course because we enjoyed ourselves so much.  Linvilla also has something going on for most holidays. Every year I attend the Halloween festivities such as:  

  • Hayrides.
  • Walking-mazes: they have different types of mazes, for toddlers, kids and adults. 
  • Apple-slinging.
  • Tons and tons of pumpkins also known as pumpkinland.
  • Cool decorations.
  • Delicious food.
  • Fruit-picking (i.e. blueberries, strawberries, peaches, apples, pears, etc…); depending on season.
  • A decent playground for young kids to play.
  • They have animals such as chickens, horses, goats, sheep, and ducks you can feed.
  • A little train ride.
  • Pony Rides.

There are many other activities to do that may not be mentioned above. The three years I have been to the Halloween theme, it is pretty much similar but has different things going on at times. As we walked up to Linvilla’s entrance this year, there was a little circus taking place. We didn’t stay to watch it but I seem men juggling and doing back flips which was pretty cool. I know my family and I love this time of year especially because we get to come here. I still have yet been to Linvilla during other seasons, I will have to try to check it out sometime because this is definitely a place I would highly recommend on attending with you, your friends and family, a class trip, or whatever it may be; it is a place that is worth seeing and experiencing. Check out their website for further details and information:

Toast!!! …Shout out to the awesome apple cider they have to offer; sure is delicious.. CHEERS! Oooh and too bad my toddler ate the cookie before I could take a picture of it. The yummy cookie was shaped as a school bus and colored yellow. He had a hard time sharing but eventually he gave in sharing his cookie for a piece of my chocolate puppy shaped cookie. Haha!!

By the way, below are some stunning photos I took at Linvilla Orchards and I wanted to share with you a part of what I saw while I was there. I am so grateful for another year, a special tradition was magnificently celebrated and well captured. Thank you Linvilla Orchards! 🙂















“Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.” –Dianne Furphy

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