Allow for Change…For It Will Allow Beauty.

IMG_6851Change is the main ingredient in life. Change determines when one will finally accept all that happens in one’s life such as searching for a belief in oneself and finding oneself, transitioning into a happy, optimistic and stronger individual, to start and graduate college,  cope with a deceased mother at a young age, be a parent for the first time, overcome unhealthy addictions, get a haircut, get a tattoo, exercise and live a healthier lifestyle, and be in a long-term relationship. These examples are experiences I have personally encountered. I have learned that change can be either “good or bad” and have negative or positive outcomes. …And change also relies on that person. Change can be difficult for many people; I was once petrified of change and was scared of opening up to it until one day I realized that change is good and that no matter what; change always happens which can allow such wonderful opportunities and experiences. My wisdom and knowledge has grown due to those experiences by learning from them which shapes me as a person; of who I am–yet I am constantly changing and growing everyday, all day.

“Nothing is permanent except change.”Heraclitus

    This photo was taken by Dianne Furphy on 10/15/2010 in Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak. It was such a fascinating place to visit due to their environmental sites. It was truly breathtaking and absolutely beautiful. It was bizarre to be in 80 degree weather when I was on the bottom ground and almost 2 hours later on a train ride up to the top of the mountain, it was freezing (as you can see the snow on the rocks)—change sure does just happen! ((Smiles))

From my experiences, I have learned that many people cannot easily let go of something that has happened in their life. I admit that I am guilty of not letting go of someone/something that I know is unhealthy for me and it is something I am in the process of doing–letting go. Change can sometimes be scary if you are not aware of it, especially the unknown or sometimes not even realize it is taking place upon you everyday. A person can make any type of change in their life—big, small, good, bad, nice, kind, negative, positive, and so on but I have learned that by taking action- is the only way you can change your life, change yourself.  When I was younger, I was not aware of change. …And if I seen it coming I tried to avoid it. I tried to stay in routine day after day by avoiding people, places, or whatever it was that I did not want to encounter; this type of behavior and attitude caused me to lie, be dishonest to others and myself and all the bad that went along with it and that caused the outcomes to those situations to turn out chaotic…explosive. Therefore, change was extremely difficult for me. Until one day I became conscious and aware of my surroundings and my environment  and seen that I didn’t want to live in such agony and I wanted to believe there was something better; something more out there; although I’ve always been a dreamer, never a believer; I am now believing in my dreams and living my dreams; just by believing in my dreams-For I am a Dreamer and a Believer. However, there are times that I can be scared of the unexpected but I have also learned to face it and when I do face it; I typically always think to myself, “Oh that wasn’t too bad.” Realizing this helped me to grow to open up and explore to make transitional changes in my life for the better by facing all experiences in a positive manner. All of my past experiences are what made me this way today, and I must say; I am lucky to have learned from such an afflicted, angry, negative past and perspective I once had. All I want now is for my life is to be happy, healthy, and safe…something I have never wanted and felt when I was younger and it sure does feel impressively amazing! It is such a great feeling to know that even at your worse times, there is always positive to it. It took awhile for me to learn that there is always a brighter side to every situation. By focusing on the brighter side to any situation given in life, I believe it can surly affect your reality of life in such positive ways. Although my past had such a negative perspective, I believe that my positive out-rules my negative and the good overpowers the bad—thanks to my partner for that view on life. I believe I will make it through life knowing life will always be alright because it will! Again, as my hubby says, “Everything always works itself out in the end,” and I could not agree with him anymore! *Cheers to a positive attitude!*

“Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things.” –Heraclitus

IMG_0577Photo taken by Dianne Furphy on January 2011. What are the chances?! My friends, hubby and I were playing a card game called Dirty Minds and the goal was to spell out the word “Dirty” and this was my hubby’s given cards. Life sure is full of surprises but you have to play the cards dealt, as long as you play them with good feeling and a smile, likely you are bound to win.

On the other hand, struggles are bound to happen but eventually you pull through. Those struggles, obstacles, challenges  …whatever you want to refer to them as are like a test in your life. When the tough times comes strolling in my life; I try my best to do it all with a smile. I have learned not to let the struggles carry along in my journey in life. I let them just happen and “Let It Be” with having a positive attitude and continuing on being happy. I’ve learned its all about the thought, emotion, feeling and dedication to believing in yourself. It all starts there. And You can do it, YES….YOU!! Know you are worthy of a happy life and are able to accomplish and fulfill your dreams, just by believing and doing.  Once I started believing in myself, life started to change for the better. The hard times became easier to cope with which led to more positive results. Learning to accept things for what they are was harder for me than it being said but I am still in the process (as I like to believe we are all a “work in progress” by learning from every experience) and it’s only making my life more delightful. I see how many “choices” I make on a daily basis and I try to choose the best choice that I know will benefit me and my loved ones. By doing this, it seems to be working out to my advantage. This is why I do believe that  if you “Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.” By me making some major positive adjustments and changes in my life, I notice that my life is moving along the most smoothly it has ever had… By having a positive outlook on the changes that occur in my life is such a great influence to me and I am grateful for all my life—even the hard, bad times. So go ahead and laugh and love, this is what I practice and works well and keeps me happy… And after all—it is known as the best medicine for all.

“Character is destiny.” –Heraclitus

IMG_0014 Laugh during all your life—the good times, the bad times, the hard times, the fun times! Laughter is key!

“Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.” –Dianne Furphy

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