Believing & Thoughts Create Reality.

It took me a very long time to realize that everyone is different and special in their own unique ways. I used to search for answers about (my) life through other people, my environment and surroundings but I have learned it all comes down to: the answers are within me; within myself. I have also learned that if I have questions about anything; life in general… all I have to do is simply ask a question. After asking a question I want to know—which comes down me wanting to know The Truth, I started to become more aware of my thoughts, my actions, behaviors, feelings and emotions and my surroundings. I started to realize that an answer does appear; somehow, someway. It all starts by believing. I also believe we are all capable of doing what we really want in our lives by standing firm in what we do believe in. Everything starts to come together just by this… What you think about, feel, and act upon becomes our actual reality. We can and do have the power to create any life we want by simply believing.

Here is a video I found on actor, producer and rapper Will Smith sharing similar beliefs as I do. Enjoy and Believe!


Believe in yourself and you can CREATE WHAT YOU WANT.” –Dianne Furphy

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